Visit iSAMS at the SAHISA Annual Conference from 21st - 25th February at The Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Over 1,100 schools worldwide trust our system to support the future of education. We are the leading cloud-based management information system provider to schools within the UK, Europe, Middle East and East Asia.

Web-based school management software
Apps for teachers, students and parents
Online portals to feed vital information to all school audiences
Modular system allowing schools to grow
Supports local & international curriculums

Combining a single core database and suite of portals and apps for parents, students and staff, iSAMS gives you bespoke management of all academic, admissions, wellbeing, administrative and financial information.

100% Cloud-Based Platform

A powerful, versatile, online school system you can build and shape to meet every need.

  • 100% cloud-based
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Multiple third-party integrations
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A modular system that grows with your school

Our module-based approach allows schools to build their own system and grow it to their exact needs. From the admissions process to end-of-year exams.

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An integrated accounting solution

A finance solution developed specifically with bursars and senior management in mind bringing together the academic, wellbeing, administrative, invoicing, purchase orders and fee billing elements into a powerful finance solution.

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Student safeguarding & wellbeing

Supporting schools with a solution to capture all student safeguarding needs in a single place and has been developed to record, monitor and help manage student behaviour, concerns and wellbeing.

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We’re excited to be working with a number of schools in South Africa

Are you looking for a web-based school management solution that…

Meets your present & future needs
Is committed to South Africa (LURITS and data sync to SA-SAMS)
Supported by international and South African staff
Welcomes API integration to other products such as Fixtures Pro from SOCS

Since introducing iSAMS, data management has been far easier for all our staff members, including lesson by lesson registration. The ease of use has been appreciated by teachers and the iStudent app is used by most of our students.

Aylesbury Grammar School, United Kingdom

iSAMS gives you a great sense of how individual students are progressing, including information about attendance, learning support needs, academic progress and family connections.

Sevenoaks School, United Kingdom

It’s not just my team benefitting from their time being saved by iSAMS. It’s now so quick and easy to access data, members of staff across our schools can get all the information they need directly from the MIS.

Bury Grammar School, United Kingdom

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