The right system, right from the start

New schools need to capture the same data as an existing established school when it comes to admissions and curriculum planning. Schools often delay their MIS implementation based on the fact that most systems need to be installed on the schools network.

What if you don’t have a network? What if you don’t even have the land yet?

iSAMS offers a unique service for new schools. We will host the system on your school’s behalf, and your staff can access it from anywhere in the world. Your school could be based in a management office in London or Singapore – it doesn’t matter where you are. Admin staff can benefit from the features of an MIS without having to use Access or Excel spreadsheets to record the data. The data will need to be transferred into the MIS eventually, so why not use it from the outset?

All new pupil applications will be tracked, communications will be fully logged, and statistics are available at the click of a button. This information will all be available without the need for double entry and messy data transfers.  Once your school is established and ready, iSAMS can migrate your system and data onto your own servers.