Experts in replacing in-house systems

iSAMS has quickly become known as the specialist for replacing in-house systems. Our ground-up design is flexible, and we can add specific features for specific schools to make the transition from any in-house system extremely smooth.

In-house products are often made up of several disparate systems tailored for certain departments or to individual users, and often managed by a single member of staff. Unless a commercial product can replicate all of the specific features of the existing in-house system, schools can find it difficult to justify moving to a new product.

Most commercial products expect a school to fit into their systems, but with iSAMS it’s different – we pride ourselves in making our system fit around you. We work closely with your school to make sure the project is managed to meet your specific requirements, all within the agreed time scale.

Increasingly, schools and their senior management are demanding more and more features from an MIS, which means most in-house systems are unable to keep pace. iSAMS gives you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of an in-house system combined with the power of a commercial product.

We have migrated many high-profile schools away from their complex in-house systems, including Charterhouse, Eton, Gordonstoun, Marlborough and St Paul’s.