Data made useful with the best reporting tools

One of the hardest tasks for any software system is giving users access to the required data in a useful format. The iSAMS system tackles this by providing the very best reporting tools – specifically Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

The majority of iSAMS modules produce pre-defined in-built reports, which will get you started and probably cover most of your needs. However, we’ve designed our own SSRS integration module so you can create your own custom reports, which are simple to access and distribute through the iSAMS interface.

SSRS has a rich mix of output formats that work with:

  • Microsoft Word (SSRS 2008 only)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML (on screen display)
  • Printer
  • Email

You can choose to create your own reports internally, or you can ask us to create them for you.

By offering schools this powerful yet simple tool, iSAMS can create custom reports that give immediate access to information normally buried deep within a database – without the need for a skilful database administrator to extract it.

For more information on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, please see the links below: