Let us do all the hard work

Your school’s data is at the centre of iSAMS systems. We will help you through the data transfer process from beginning to end, to ensure data is correct, accurate and easily updatable. iSAMS has its own powerful and easy-to-use import and export facilities, and is easily adaptable for schools with specialist requirements, or those without the time to complete the data migration themselves. We will manage everything for you, so you get the best out of your existing data when moving to iSAMS.

Moving information from another database is a great opportunity to cleanse the data before importing it into your new iSAMS system. Data comes in many forms and can sometimes be hard to manage, but with our experience and expertise in moving schools over from an array of different systems, you can rely on us to deal with any form of data transfer required. We work closely with your school before importing the final version of the data, so you get exactly what you need – and we run a rigorous data import policy with several layers of importing and testing, so you can trust everything will be just as you want it.

The iSAMS database is structured so schools have full access to the data, with easy extraction from any field within the system. It’s also designed to provide ready access to those allowed to use it.