Red House School

Red House School launched their system in January. They replaced an in-house system and are already benefiting from the transition.

Marlborough College

Marlborough replaced their comprehensive in-house system with iSAMS. This was a gradual process as we helped Marlborough utilise the numerous features iSAMS offers.

Woodhouse Grove School

Woodhouse Grove have replaced Phoenix Gold with iSAMS, already implementing their new iSAMS system across both Senior and Prep School.

The King’s School, Canterbury

We were recently awarded the King’s School contract to replace CMIS by Serco with iSAMS this summer.

Ockbrook School

Ockbrook were using Phoenix Gold but only a couple of people used it and they wanted a system that staff would want to use. Ockbrook implemented iSAMS and launched their system just before Easter 2009.

Ardingly College

After two successful visits Ardingly replaced SIMS with iSAMS. They launched a module-packed iSAMS system during the summer of 2009.

Queenswood School

Queenswood replaced their PASS by WCBS administration system by implementing iSAMS in the summer. They wanted to utilise the numerous benefits of our browser-based system by launching products such as the Intranet, Parent and Student Portals.

Berkhamsted School

Berkhamsted were running a comprehensive in-house system written by their Database Manager, and using CMIS by Serco. They replaced these two systems with iSAMS with a summer launch.

Stockport Grammar School

Similar to Berkhamsted, Stockport were using an in-house system written by their Database Manager. Stockport implemented iSAMS across the school in the summer.

West Buckland School

West Buckland were using Phoenix Gold but replaced it with iSAMS over the summer. West Buckland will be implementing a large number of modules and installing several iSAMS Digital Signage Systems around the school.

Exeter School

Exeter is another school replacing Phoenix Gold. They plan to replace the system next term with an official launch of iSAMS in September.

Royal Russell School

We were delighted when Royal Russell school replaced Phoenix Gold with iSAMS. As their preferred supplier we look forward to making iSAMS a success at Royal Russell.

Norwich School

Norwich were originally using Phoenix Gold and then upgraded to Phoenix e1. Wanting more from their MIS they invited us to demonstrate the iSAMS system last term and we look forward to a summer implementation.


Gordonstoun were using a well developed in-house system and we were fortunate enough to be in a position to replicate most of the features this in-house system offered. We worked closely with the staff at Gordonstoun during the implementation.

Monkton Combe School

Monkton Combe were using PASS by WCBS, but wanted to utilise the numerous benefits of a browser-based system by incorporating products such as the Parent and Student Portals. Monkton replaced PASS during the summer.

Talbot Heath School

Similar to Monkton Combe, Talbot Heath were using PASS by WCBS. Again, the web-based nature of iSAMS played a significant role in the procurement process. Another major factor was that the school wanted to encourage more staff to use the system on a daily basis, not just the schools administrators.

Tanglin Trust School (Singapore)

Tanglin replaced their RM Integris system with iSAMS this summer. This is a momentous achievement as it highlights the strength of our product not just here in the UK but internationally as well. Tanglin is recognised as one of the top international schools in the world and we are proud to have them as a new client.

Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School chose iSAMS to replace SIMS in Summer 2009. iSAMS was launched in September.

Roedean School

We are delighted Roedean chose iSAMS as their preferred MIS partner and they replaced SIMS and their comprehensive in-house system with iSAMS during the Summer. We are pleased to have another one of the UK’s top girls’ schools as an iSAMS client.

St Francis’ College

St Francis’ College replaced Phoenix Gold this summer. St Francis invited iSAMS to demonstrate to some of the SMT and we were delighted by the response we received.

Ampleforth College

Ampleforth College have used CMIS by Serco for several years. We were invited to show iSAMS to a select group of senior staff and following a successful demonstration we were invited back to do a full days demonstration for the SMT and teaching staff. We were delighted when Ampleforth confirmed they were replacing CMIS with iSAMS this summer.

Pipers Corner School

Pipers Corner had been using SchoolBase by Furlong. After a presentation to the SMT and staff they agreed to replace SchoolBase with iSAMS this summer.

Sherborne International College

Sherborne were running an in-house system written by their IT Manager. They work very closely with both Sherborne Schools already using iSAMS. We are delighted to have all three Sherborne Schools using iSAMS and we look forward to working with staff from the International College.

Sherborne School – Qatar

Sherborne School in Qatar is a new school envisioned by His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmad. We were excited about working with another one of the Sherborne group of schools and delighted that all 4 schools have chosen to use iSAMS as their MIS. We are also excited about working with another new international school. iSAMS was implemented throughout July.

Ewell Castle School

Ewell Castle is another school that replaced Phoenix Gold in the summer, with an official launch of iSAMS in October. We enjoyed working them during the transfer and the system went live in October.

ACS (International) Singapore

ACS replaced their internal system with iSAMS this summer and went live in January 2010. We are delighted ACS chose iSAMS as their preferred MIS partner, and to be selected by two schools from Singapore in the same summer. We enjoyed working with the staff at ACS over the summer.

The British School of Brussels

The British School of Brussels (BSB) replaced SIMS with iSAMS and went live during November. We are delighted they chose iSAMS. We made a few changes to the admissions system to cope with their requirements before launching. BSB is recognised as one of the top International Schools in Europe and we are very proud to have them as a new iSAMS client.