Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School were using SIMS by Capita. They replaced SIMS with iSAMS early in 2008. They had an aggressive implementation plan to launch all the iSAMS Portals in quick succession, which we achieved.

Pocklington School

Pocklington were another school looking to replace Phoenix Gold. Pocklington invited iSAMS to demonstrate to some of the SMT and key staff from the school office. We were delighted by the response we received during the demonstration and the school implemented iSAMS during the summer.

St Hugh’s School

St Hugh’s were looking at updating their in-house system and had heard about iSAMS from another school. They wanted a system that was easy to use and that was available to staff from home. They implemented iSAMS during the summer term.


Charterhouse needed to replace their in-house system but wanted to keep some of the unique features their in-house system delivered. iSAMS have worked closely with Charterhouse to make sure the custom development is implemented correctly.


Harrow were using CMIS by Serco for the academic side of the school. We were delighted when Harrow replaced CMIS with iSAMS.

St Mary’s School, Ascot

When we visited St Mary’s they were using SchoolBase by Furlong. St Mary’s chose iSAMS after reviewing the marketplace and replaced SchoolBase with iSAMS that summer.

Sherborne School

Sherborne were using SIMS by Capita but decided to review their MIS when Boys’ School staff used iSAMS to write reports when teaching at the Girls’ School. They told us we were their preferred supplier and we installed iSAMS during the summer. We are delighted to provide iSAMS to both the girls’ and the boys’ schools.

Godolphin & Latymer School

The school was looking to replace Phoenix Gold. Godolphin reviewed the MIS systems available and decided the features and portals in iSAMS gave them all of the requirements they need, delivered through one supplier. Godolphin replaced Gold that summer.

Burgess Hill School for Girls

Burgess Hill wanted to replace Phoenix Gold and chose iSAMS ahead of the other suppliers. They implemented most of the modules available when replacing Gold during the summer.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Another school that was using Phoenix Gold throughout the school by a large number of staff. Cheltenham Ladies’ College chose iSAMS as their preferred supplier in the summer of 2008.

Haileybury College

Haileybury made their decision to select iSAMS ahead of other suppliers just before the end of the summer term and we agreed to have their system up and running for the start of next term. Together we replaced the CMIS system with iSAMS, installing it over the six week holiday.