Benenden School

Benenden replaced PASS by WCBS with iSAMS during the summer. Benenden have since chosen to implement most of the iSAMS modules available.

The Hall School

iSAMS was introduced to the Hall School by St Paul’s School who were still reviewing their own MIS at the time. We met with the SMT and it was agreed to implement iSAMS that summer.

St Paul’s School

St Paul’s were using a comprehensive in-house system. We were thrilled when St Paul’s replaced their system with iSAMS.

Cranmore School

The Bursar at Cranmore wanted to replace the schools management system and shortly after our second school visit we were awarded the contract to supply iSAMS.

Sherborne Girls

Sherborne Girls had moved from Phoenix Gold to e1 but after reviewing the market they chose to replace e1 with iSAMS.

Windlesham School

Windlesham were using an in-house system they desperately wanted to upgrade. We met with the IT department and were then recommended to the SMT. After a successful second visit Windlesham chose to install iSAMS modules.

Moulsford School

The school were using an in-house system and looking to replace it. They chose iSAMS because it was intuitive and they felt their staff would want to use it.

Wellington College

Wellington were using SIMS by Capita and were in regular communication with other iSAMS clients regarding how their staff were finding it. We were very pleased when the College agreed to replace SIMS with iSAMS.

Magdalen College School

Like a large number of our existing schools, Magdalen were using Phoenix Gold. Magdalen chose iSAMS as their preferred supplier and replaced Phoenix Gold that summer.

Wycliffe College

Similar to Sherborne Girls, Wycliffe had adopted Phoenix e1. Wycliffe moved all the existing data across and implemented most of the modules available in iSAMS at the time – all achieved over one half term.

Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey were using an in-house system, but when we met them they were trying to implement SchoolBase by Furlong. Wycombe Abbey agreed to replace their in-house system with iSAMS instead of SchoolBase.

Edgeborough School

Edgeborough considered all of the systems on the market and chose iSAMS because of its web-based environment and intuitive interface. It was important for Edgeborough that we remove part of the responsibility for running the system by hosting it in our data centre.

Royal Masonic School for Girls

Another school using Phoenix Gold but feeling they needed a change. Having researched the marketplace, iSAMS was the preferred system and the school launched iSAMS in September