Secure access for teachers, anywhere

To ensure iSAMS remains at the cutting edge of new technologies, we are embarking on a new genre of School Management Systems that can be accessed on handheld devices. We are not just creating a website that can be viewed on a device, we are actually creating a native application designed specifically for teachers’ day-to-day usage.

It is envisaged that over the next few years, the desktop for teachers will be a thing of the past and it will be replaced by a tablet or handheld device. iSAMS wants to be the first provider to encourage schools to replace the old-fashioned desktop in the classroom – seven years ago, we were the first MIS supplier to introduce a paperless reporting system for parents and we want to keep innovating.

The iSAMS App has been developed for Multi-platform access for iOS. Development for Android & Windows continues. It is driven by an extensive and secure Application Programming Interface (API) which will allow us to push the data to the App directly from the iSAMS database.  We have secured the login functionality by introducing a new login system with an auto-locking functionality. Devices can be monitored and controlled by school administrators. Lost or stolen devices will be deactivated with no access to the App, let alone any data.

The App displays the information via a quick-view dashboard, and staff can view bulletins, calendars, detentions, registers and timetables, just as you can through the main MIS in iSAMS. Other modules under development are School Registrations, Pupil Profiles, School Reporting, and Rewards & Sanctions.

Eventually, staff will be able to view historical reports and internal and external exam results, enter results into mark books, and view academic tracking models. Over time, we want to replace most of the functionality for staff with the main MIS and provide this via handheld devices. Staff will have quick-view contact options to look up contact details for pupils, parents and staff, send emails and SMS messages to pupils, staff and parents, all from a handheld device.