Web-based explained

The iSAMS system can be hosted on site within your school’s existing IT infrastructure, or if required, externally by iSAMS. More schools are now looking at external hosting, which passes the responsibility of maintaining the system and security onto the supplier. It is a very “low maintenance” solution for a school. 

Our external hosting service is exclusive to iSAMS. It also contains a number of unique features that make it stand out from other systems, with portals that link dynamically to the core database so you can supply large amounts of relevant information to parents through the Parent Portal, and to pupils through the Pupil Portal.

Teaching staff can access both the intranet and the main iSAMS interface, and post information to the school website. These portals appear as separate entities, but they are all controlled through the same management system, requiring little or no administration to update them. iSAMS provides very powerful ways to communicate information to the whole school community.

The iSAMS system reduces paperwork to a minimum and allows the school to operate all the management functions from a single database. This frees up resources, giving teachers more time to concentrate on teaching, while providing managers with all the information they need to run the school effectively and efficiently.