A powerful, versatile, online school system you can build and shape to meet every need

Join our free 30-min webinar to see a web-based MIS solution to support your teachers through load shedding, giving them the right tools to keep classroom life going and parents informed.

A secure cloud-hosted solution
Bulk SMS service for emergency broadcasts
Keep students informed with the iTeacher App
Mark daily attendance via the iTeacher App
​Complete assessments and reports with the iReports App

Support your Teachers through Load Shedding

Send important school communications

Use SMS Gateway to pre-plan your communications by composing, scheduling, sending and tracking text messages for every possible audience – including using the predefined emergency messages tool to alert all staff, students, parents and any custom groups you’ve set up during stage 1, 2, 3, or 4 outages.

Keep students informed

Enable your teachers to continue communicating with their classes through our iTeacher App, by sending messages directly to students via email and/or SMS.

Mark daily school attendance

Using the iTeacher App, teachers can take registers quickly, easily and wherever the class is located, via their mobile device or tablet.

Complete assessments and reports

Our iReport App brings report-writing functionality to every teacher’s mobile device, enabling them to easily write and submit interim, end-of-term and end-of-year reports for multiple classes of students.

Ensure parents are kept up-to-date

Give parents instant access to the latest school news and update them with any timetable changes 24/7; our iParent App helps ease parents’ minds by delivering timely information despite uncertain power outages

Use a secure, externally cloud-hosted MIS

t the heart of all this is a school management information system (MIS) that can be accessed by every member of your school community anytime and from anywhere, regardless of local circumstances.