100% browser-based management system for schools and colleges

iSAMS is the first management information system for schools that is entirely browser-based. Its clever design creates a single database through a suite of portals, to bring together the whole school community. Perfect for everyone involved with the school – from data administrators and staff, to pupils and parents – iSAMS makes all tasks easier.

Most systems available today grew from administrative accounts systems but iSAMS was designed for teachers, by teachers, and specifically developed with educational needs in mind.

iSAMS has a modular architecture, which enables schools to build their own system and grow with it, rather than grow into it. Our module-based approach allows schools to build their own system and grow it to their exact needs. We understand independent schools are independent for a reason – that’s why iSAMS is so flexible.

100% browser-based

Designed to be accessed on just a web browser, iSAMS can be run within the schools network or hosted on the internet.

Intuitive and easy to use

iSAMS was designed for teachers from the outset – the system is very intuitive and can be used with little or no training.

Software as a Service [SaaS]

iSAMS is updated on a regular basis with small enhancements – we manage all the updates on your behalf.

Third-party integration

Any third-party vendor can connect to the iSAMS API – this allows schools to bring all of their dispersed systems into one database.

iSAMS Modules

  • Pastoral Manager
    A dedicated module focused on recording, monitoring and managing student concerns and ...
  • iFinance
    iFinance is a fully integrated fee billing and online accounting solution, developed specifically with the Bursary in ...
  • Data Protection
    The Data Protection module will help your school to protect the information by complying to GDPR and avoiding being imposed with ...
  • Activities Manager
    Activities Manager is the perfect module for keeping track of all your pupils’ activities not covered by the main curriculum ...
  • Admissions
    Admissions has everything you need to manage the entry of applicants to your school simply and effectively - with a huge range of ...
  • Agent Manager
    Agent manager is the perfect way to control all the information you need for the agencies you use to bring in pupils from ...
  • Calendar Manager
    Calendar Manager makes life simpler by giving you everything you need to set up and control you school’s calendar - keeping you ...
  • Census & Inspection Manager
    Census and Inspection Manager lets you complete governmental censuses and industry surveys quickly, accurately and easily through ...
  • Control Panel
    Control Panel contains all the management options you need for total control of your entire system - allowing you to get the most ...