We want to hear from you

iSAMS first started as an idea from a school, and the system continues to be developed based on recommendations and requests from our schools – this is still the best way to improve the software and provide a better service. So please do give us your thoughts, ideas and feedback through our UserVoice system.

UserVoice lets any user submit their feature requests and ideas for change through the website, and these are then displayed to other iSAMS users. Users can search, view and vote on the requests they would like to see introduced into the system. We then use the voting system to prioritise which features should be developed.

How it works

A feature request records your suggestions and ideas for additional functionality. Whether it’s something small, such as adding an extra field on a report, or large, like specifications for an entirely new module, UserVoice helps us understand what schools want from our system.

You can access UserVoice through the Help Desk or by visiting http://uservoice.isams.co.uk. You can explore all the feature requests and ideas for each individual module by clicking on the module name. Type in your feature request or idea and the page will show previous ideas that match or are similar to yours. If it’s a new idea, a ‘Create New Idea’ button will appear. You will then be prompted to confirm the title and enter a description. Once the idea is saved, it becomes visible to other users who are then able to vote for it.

To vote for ideas you’d like to see developed, just click on ‘vote’ and select 1, 2 or 3. You can view voting history, trends, notes and comments by clicking on the idea title.

We regularly provide information on our plans and idea status updates – so you can see what ideas will be developed, have already begun, or have been completed.

UserVoice concepts

UserVoice is simple to use and has lots of useful features. The specially designed forum allows you to present ideas and suggestions and let the whole iSAMS community vote. You can also vote up to ten times per module – these votes reset when your ideas are completed or deleted. You can change your votes at any time, which is very useful when new ideas are posted or your school’s priorities change.

Time frames and urgent features

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide timeframes for feature requests as these do not have a high priority – but they are added to the system on a weekly basis. Some schools require what are described as custom features. We treat these as urgent, and the school is happy to pay for the feature to be added. Schools sometimes collaborate with each other to pay a group charge for a feature to be introduced. If you’re happy to wait for your features to be added, we do this free of charge.