A vital, valuable service

An urgent request has high priority and goes immediately to the front of the support desk queue. It receives an initial response within 10 minutes and we deal with the request as quickly as possible.

An urgent request is generally used for a serious iSAMS systems failure. Other examples include: no one being able to log into iSAMS due to a broken link between Active Directory and iSAMS, or an error on every page so no part of the system can be used.

How to submit an urgent request

Submit your urgent requests through our support desk at https://support.isams.co.uk or phone us on our support help line, where we will create a request for you.

The next steps

Here’s what happens when you submit an urgent request:

  • The first free support agent takes your request.
  • We verify the urgency of the request.
  • If the request is not urgent, we downgrade its priority.
  • The support agent works with the development team to resolve the request as soon as possible, providing updates where appropriate.
  • When the request is resolved, the support agent marks it as complete.

We can also send urgent requests text message (SMS) updates to your mobile phone. You can find out more at About Support Desk Alerts.

Please do not use urgent requests for non-emergency problems.