Keeping you up to date

This section provides information about support desk alerts and notifications for email, text messages (SMS) and instant messaging.


We keep you up to date by email, so you know how your request is going. You’ll first receive an email when you send your request, then you can keep track of your inquiry and respond at any time by including the request id (e.g. #123) in the mail subject box.

To ensure your account is automatically linked within your school organisation, you should use only your school email address, and check your settings, so emails don’t end up in your spam folder.

You can change your email address on your profile page by logging into the support desk and following the link.

Text messaging (SMS)

Our text messaging system is designed to help deal with urgent requests – but before you submit them, please make sure you’ve read our About Urgent Requests policy. 

We’ll then message you to let you know:

  • we’ve received your request
  • when your request is updated with comments, or when we need further information from you
  • when priority is downgraded because the request is not urgent
  • when the request has been completed.

You can add or change your mobile number on your support desk profile page.