We are listening to you

We want to offer schools the very best management systems available, with the highest levels of support and back up services. As we continue to grow, it’s vital we develop our products to satisfy all clients, whatever their individual needs. We believe the best way to achieve this is to have more involvement from our users. Through these partnerships, both ourselves and the schools using iSAMS see the benefits, both now and in the future.

Benefits of being an iSAMS Partnership School:

  • Meetings every term to discuss features, how to improve existing modules, how modules are being developed, maintenance updates, support and training.
  • You can give us valuable feedback, and let us know where we can improve.
  • You can test the latest versions of new products before they are released.
  • You can share information, and advice, through the iSAMS forum.
  • Partnership is a two-year rolling scheme that you can extend indefinitely.

So whether your school is preparatory, secondary or international, if you already use iSAMS, you have the opportunity to influence the future development and ongoing support of our products by becoming a Partnership School.

What we look for in our Partnership Schools:

  • A good understanding of management information systems.
  • Use of the most current iSAMS modules, with full integration throughout the school.
  • A comprehensive understanding of iSAMS, and strong technical knowledge.
  • The enthusiasm to share best practice with other users.
  • Good communication skills.

Release candidates

iSAMS software is fast developing and constantly evolving. It has to be: in a single academic year we release over 2,000 enhancements and bug fixes, and all of these are developed from ideas and requirements given to us by our schools. To continue improving in this area, we look for specially appointed ‘release candidates’ within the Partnership scheme to receive and use new enhancements before they are fully released. If you’d like your school to become a ‘release candidate’ you must be in a position to receive all software and updates before full release.

BETA site

Partnership Schools have access to the latest versions of software and large module enhancements, with all future software upgrades and new modules introduced to the Beta sites before going on full release. This allows us to manage future product changes through small focus groups, so there is close collaboration between us all to get it right every time.

Development user group

Partnership Schools meet to discuss product development, helping us formalise and agree specifications, and giving their opinion on all iSAMS enhancement features. They also help us communicate with existing users, and interact with other iSAMS schools to get feedback on what developments and feature enhancements are required in the future. We rely on our clients to push us to be the best we can be. To achieve this, it is vital clients discuss our plans and act as representatives for the marketplace.

Communication and training

Partnership Schools help recommend and design course topics, and are fully involved with our training department. This means we can offer training that’s fully focused on giving end users exactly what they need. Not only that, by continually improving client knowledge we reduce the help requests we receive through our support department.

Documentation and support

As our client base grows, we understand the importance of improving the support we give to our schools. To do this to the best of our ability, we work closely with Partnership Schools to constantly review our current procedures and policies. Partnership Schools are also given access to system documentation as it is produced, so they can proof-read and give us their comments before release.