What is your school code?

Your school code is a unique code consisting of a set of characters that is required to link users’ mobile devices with your iSAMS Apps, including:

  • iTeacher App
  • iParent App
  • iStudent App

On downloading an app, users (including teachers, parents and students) will be asked to enter your school code to validate and activate the app. This will need to be communicated with your audience(s) on launching the apps.

The code provided is designed to be quick and easy to enter and avoids the input of a lengthy URL.

Creating your School Code

Your school code is completely customisable. A default code will have been set during the install of iSAMS, however this can be updated to reflect your chosen code.

Your school code can be up to six characters long in length (three characters as a minimum) and can be changed at any time. It can be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, depending on your preference.

Once you have created and saved a code, this will become unavailable to any of our other client schools. No two schools are able to use the same school code.

Example: Your school code may include the initials of your school followed by the word ‘App’. It can also contain numbers and/or special characters should you wish. An example for ‘Peter Rabbit School’ is PRSApp.

Unsure what your School Code is?

If don’t know your current school code, contact your IT Department or iSAMS Administrator who should be able to help.