A 100% web-based school management & finance system for schools worldwide - accessible anywhere, anytime

We are here to support your school through COVID-19, providing you with a stable and secure web-based software for your staff members, parents & students.

100% web-based system accessible from home, or anywhere else in the world
Live support Mon - Fri including Sunday
Fully managed service with weekly product updates
Comprehensive APIs for third-party integrations

Essential Tips & Tools to See You Through A School Closure

Keep Communicating

Keeping in touch with your staff members, parents and students throughout any school closures will help reassure your community and keep them updated with any key changes they need to know about. This includes hints and tips to see you through self-isolation, updates on school activities and potential reopen dates, as well as setting tasks for students to keep learning going and ensuring parents stay informed of their child/children’s progress. We support this within the iSAMS system through a suite of dedicated online Portals and multilingual Apps, designed to share key information with each member of the school community.

Apps Online Portals

Collaborate Online

Even if your school building is closed, it doesn’t have to be a barrier to teaching and learning. Whether it’s through your school’s MIS system or an integrated Learning Management System that is accessible 24/7 wherever you are in the world can help take your school digital. By using a system like iSAMS, which is hosted in the cloud and accessible remotely, you can keep essential school data at your fingertips even if your school needs to close. Plus, making the most of synchronisation with platforms such as Microsoft School Data Sync and/or a Learning Management System, can support you in building a complete school community online.

School MIS Integrations

Digitise Admissions

Give prospective applicants a virtual tour of your school and encourage them to speak to select members of staff via an online chatroom. If you’ve got something similar to the iSAMS Admissions Portal, you can then direct people fill in their details in an online form built into your school’s website. In doing so, you can make sure student enrolment continues to progress ahead of the next academic year and that you meet your strategic targets.

Online Admissions Portal

Monitor Wellbeing

If your school does need to close, then many of your students will have to navigate potentially lengthy periods of self-isolation away from social gatherings. These lonely periods could result in a drop in their mental as well as their physical wellbeing.

To help you keep an eye on these students during this period, we’d recommend looking towards digital tools such as our Wellbeing Manager, which can help you log all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns, share this information with relevant members of staff, flag significant life events and/or high priority concerns and record on

Wellbeing Manager

Keep Finances on Track

Critical to the ongoing success of your school, you’ll also need to ensure that your financial management is impacted as minimally as possible. By having an integrated cloud-based accounting platform to provide your Bursary with ongoing support, you can ensure that your Finance Team can continue to access key financial information wherever they are and whenever they need to.


A Management Information System to support schools through COVID-19

100% Web-Based

iSAMS is 100% web-based, so staff members will continue to have access to the iSAMS MIS if they find themselves working from home due to schools having to close, needing to care for family members, or indeed, being required to self-quarantine.

Technical Support

iSAMS operates under a 100% remote working policy, so all schools will still have 24/7 access to iSAMS’ dedicated Support team as normal, with live support hours unaffected by these circumstances.

Product Development

Over 40% of our staff complement is made up of software developers, business analysts and designers, all remotely working to ensure our system is secure, reliable and future-proof, with key features developed in line with our schools’ requests.


iSAMS provides remote training support for schools to book an online meeting with our Training Team.

Third-Party Integrations

Our comprehensive API allows for third-parties to seamlessly integrate with the iSAMS MIS. This includes Microsoft School Data Sync and several LMS and VLE partners, enabling schools to keep student learning going in the digital sphere.

Communication Tools

Use the iSAMS system to keep in touch with your staff members, parents and students through our suite of dedicated Portals and multilingual Apps, designed to share key information with each member of the school community.