Streamlining Communications by Integrating iSAMS & Finalsite

The integration between Finalsite and iSAMS allows for schools to provide a seamless data flow between the two platforms, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Information automatically flows from the iSAMS database into Finalsite to provide a better overall user experience for members of a school’s community.

The School

Hangzhou International School (HIS) serves over 650 students from the local expat population in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

The Challenge

HIS manually created and maintained parent and faculty constituent accounts between various systems including iSAMS, ManageBac, Open Apply and Finalsite.

Information was transferred using spreadsheets meaning it was often out of date or inaccurate. Managing this data was both time consuming and resource intensive.

The Solution

HIS integrated Finalsite and iSAMS to streamline their communications efforts. This integration allowed for automatic data transfers which run hourly to refresh constituent information from iSAMS into Finalsite. All connections take place over a secure SSL connection, while an intrusion protection system continually scans incoming traffic for malicious activity, keeping constituent and class data safe.

“The seamless integration options we offer through our APIs allow for data sharing between iSAMS and your school website. This allows you to control the content and appeal to future parents, as well as pleasing current Parents. Through our partnership with Finalsite we are able to offer you a first class website solution”.

The Result

By integrating these systems, HIS was able to save time in processing the data, whilst also ensuring the data is up-to-date and accessibility given to relevant members of the school community.

Karl Suits, Technology Coordinator at HIS, stated: “With this integration, we save so much time and our data is always up-to-date as it no longer is entered manually or transferred with spreadsheets. Access to data is protected and role-specific; parents can view information by logging into the Finalsite parent portal.”

He also stated: “Like a bundle of sticks, our school systems load is lightened and has gained strength and integrity with the use of Finalsite and iSAMS’ thin-client, web-based solutions. These cloud-based systems eliminate the need for our school to host, maintain and secure our data enabling us to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

Some of the key benefits of this integration include:

  • Better community engagement with password-protected portals. Data can be automatically populated to make a more personalized and engaging user experience, providing parents with information that is pertinent to them and their children.
  • Contact information can be pulled directly into Finalsite’s broadcast email module, eNotify, allowing more personalized and professional newsletters to targeted groups, including parents, students and faculty.
  • Searchable online directories and student rosters for sharing contact details either on the public website or in password protected portals
  • Forms that can be auto-populated and personalized via Forms Manager, making it easier for parents so they don’t have to fill out the same contact information repeatedly.

Jon Moser, CEO of Finalsite stated: “Working with iSAMS has been a pleasure and we are excited to hear that schools are benefiting from this integration to better communicate and engage their community. It’s even more exciting because Finalsite is about to release some new inbound marketing tools to help schools drive enrollment and this integration is a critical piece of the process.”

About Finalsite

Finalsite’s digital communication platform empowers schools to share their unique story in order to increase enrollment, recruit faculty, improve fundraising and engage constituents. Time-saving website content management and communications tools, search engine optimization, inbound and email marketing software, and password protected portals are used by more than 2000 schools in 80 countries.

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