Start of New School Year MIS Checklist for School Administrators

The start of the new academic year is fast approaching, and many school administrators will be looking to update their MIS systems and processes to support the start of the new school year.

We’ve put together a handy check-list which can also be saved for the start of any new term or year.

The check-list is helpfully broken down into relevant departments and/or by job roles and will assist with getting your MIS system ready for the new academic year.


It’s a busy time throughout the entire academic year for school finance teams, but the start of a new year requires many additional items to be actioned.

The iSAMS Fee Billing module supports schools by giving the finance department complete control over all bills and invoices for tuition fees.

The following items can be added to the MIS checklist:

  • Create the new Fee Billing Cycles for 2018/19
  • Edit the Fee amounts if Fees have changed for the new academic year
  • If Fixed Direct Debits are used, the Fees should be allocated for the year in advance for these students
  • Check the Siblings in the school for the new academic year and add/remove discounts accordingly
  • Add/check scholarship and bursary discounts for all new (and existing students)

Human Resources

A new school year often brings the introduction of new starters, or staff members who have since left and then current vacancies that need to be filled.

The iSAMS HR Manager supports managing staff applications from both current and former staff and stores staff contact details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, photographs, and next of kin – all of which can be displayed or remain private depending on your school’s policy.

It also holds all key information such as contacts, enrolment details, census information, archive details and notes, and even an absence request manager.

The following can be added to the MIS checklist for the start of the new school year:

  • All new Staff added to HR Manager
  • New staff are correctly allocated to their Division
  • New ‘User Accounts’ have been created for new starters
  • All old Staff have been archived
  • All old staff User Accounts have been disabled or deleted

School Administrator

The gate keeper to the head and to the whole school community, the unsung hero who is expected to get the job done. The start of the new year is no doubt the busiest for any school administrator.
Below we have listed, by category, a checklist to assist getting your MIS system ready:

School Management

Ensuring your school’s key grouping structures are up-to-date so you can manage all classes easily, as well as academic and boarding houses, year groups and pastoral tutors. The iSAMS School Manager helps you run your school smoothly.

Checklist of items to update:

  • School Terms added for the new school year
  • New Forms added if required and last year’s Forms deleted
  • New Houses added if the school structure has changed
  • New Pastoral Tutors created, and past Tutors removed

Student Management

Updating existing and new student information including a student’s record for family trees, admissions, census information, discipline records, passports and visas, and more. Detailed individual health records such as dental, eyes and hearing, vaccinations, BMI and medical notes, and more public health notes. The iSAMS Student Manager is a comprehensive module to manage students simply and effectively.

Checklist of items to manage student records in your MIS system include:

  • The Administrative Rollover should be completed, and all existing students should be in the correct Year, Form and House etc.
  • All former students should have been moved to ‘Former’ complete with leaving details including (as a minimum) their ‘Leaving Date’ and ‘Year’
  • All new students should be moved to Current. All new students should be in the correct Year, Form and House and all as a minimum must have an Enrolment Date
  • All new students should have their medical data entered, including any important health concerns adding with the medial flag
  • All new students should have their SEN data entered, if known
  • All new students should have their Census information completed, if known
  • Create all new detentions for the new term. You may want to add the detentions for the entire academic year
  • All students have a valid enrolment date

Timetable Management

Organising your schools’ timetable is one of the many crucial tasks for readying your MIS system for the start of the new academic year. You’ll need to produce timetables quickly, by student, form, teacher, room or subject – even department or academic year.

The iSAMS Timetable Manager lets you create unlimited timetables, supports uploads from various formats, including simple Excel spreadsheets, and logs every action in order to view any changes made and by whom. You can add staff meetings, year schedules and teacher availability, put in prep timetables, and programme it to highlight clashes or other issues.

Checklist of items for managing timetables for the new year include:

  • Academic Rollover is complete and the timetable has been imported for the new academic year
  • The new Timetable has been imported
  • The new Timetable has been linked to the ‘Current Academic Year’ and is ‘Published’
  • The Timetable has been checked and is correct
  • The Timetable weeks have been allocated
  • Staff Meetings have been added to the Timetable
  • Tutorials and 1-2-1’s have been added to the Timetable
  • Additional availability has been added, such as part time working hours and staff duties
  • The Timetable has been checked to ensure any headers have the new school year 2018/19
  • The Timetable PDF header has been changed to the new school year 2018/19
  • Activity groups have been updated to reflect the new academic year. Either new activity groups and students have been added, or existing activity groups have had their end date extended
  • Each student has only one lesson per period

Teaching Management

Guiding and keeping track of teachers, the subjects they teach, and the students and classes they run requires the MIS system to be up-to-date with the most recent academic structure.

The iSAMS Teacher Manager allows you to easily move students from set to set, and then let subject teachers, department heads and students know of any changes via the automated email. It supports both the current academic year and development years, so schools can pre-build the curriculum for the next academic year.

Checklist of items for managing teachers include:

  • The Academic Rollover is complete and the ‘Current Academic Year’ is showing the correct structure for 2018/19
  • Any old subjects that are no longer taught have been archived
  • Any new subjects have been added
  • All the students are in their correct teaching Sets and Forms
  • The correct teachers are allocated as the Primary or Associated Teacher for each teaching Set
  • The correct Teachers are listed for each Subject
  • Create new Cover Cycle for 2018/19
  • Check that new Staff are included in Cover Manager
  • Create Cover Rota (if applicable)


The crucial component to the start of the academic year is ensuring student registration runs smoothly and efficiently.
The iSAMS Register Manager module lets you register students present or absent, you can store information such as lateness, reason for absence, or attendance outside of the traditional registration times.

Checklist of items to include for managing the school register efficiently:

  • Check that Registration Rules contain any new Form, Houses or Teaching Sets
  • Create all new Registration periods. If the period is for Lesson Registration, ensuring that the period ends exactly one minute before the start of the next one
  • Delete any Registration periods that fall within an exeat weekend or half term
  • You may want to set up the Registration periods for the whole academic year (rather than just doing the first term)
  • Check the Fire Register works correctly

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