Activities Manager is the perfect module for keeping track of all your pupils’ activities not covered by the main curriculum timetable – it’s convenient, easy-to-use and comprehensive.

This module lets you create numerous activity categories, such as music, extra-curricular, and sports, then convert them into new modules containing sub-categories like Duke of Edinburgh awards, rugby, hockey, athletics, drama groups, orchestra and any other activities your pupils do. These contain all details of duration, schedules and associated staff, with pupils assigned to the activities they choose to take part in. You can manage group creation through the interface, or import from Excel, and it integrates with the Pupil Profiles module so teachers can see what activities pupils are currently doing, or have done in the past. You can also communicate with groups using letters, emails or text messages through Student Manager.

The module is full of useful features, such as activities timetables and attendance recording, report writing and an export wizard to give all staff access to activity groups. You also have the ability to create events, such as sports matches against outside teams, and record and keep track of results and scores too. You can even use Activities Manager to compile and display team lists and show any information you choose to parents, through the Parents Portal.

Activity Management

A comprehensive suite for managing all activities outside the main curriculum timetable.

Management Levels

An overriding management module allows you to create numerous activity categories, such as music, extra-curricular, sports etc. These categories become new modules in their own right – you can then create sub-categories within these new modules.

Activity Groups

Create activity groups, together with details on the activity duration, activity schedule and associated staff. Then assign pupils to the activity groups they have elected to take part in.

Excel Imports

Manage pupil and activity group creation directly through the front-end interface, or by importing from an Excel routine.

Pupil Profiling

Integration with the Pupil Profiles module allowing teachers to view current, future and historical activities a pupil is doing now, or has participated in in the past.

Fast Communication

Integration with Student Manager allows a fast activity group selection filter, for interacting and communicating via letters, email and SMS.