Control Panel contains all the management options you need for total control of your entire system – allowing you to get the most for your school out of all our iSAMS modules.

Through Control Panel you can customise all your modules to suit your school’s use, and create a consistent look across the system. Then you can set up user accounts and install security rights for access and permissions profiles. It also lets you maintain and control integration to third party systems for total flexibility. There is also the facility to manage all email configuration and track and maintain email traffic.

Control Panel is also where you can debug or troubleshoot problems on your server and track data changes through the audit viewer section. It’s also possible to disable platform access when you need to, send out important notices or alerts, and view all usage in the statistics section.

Key Features
3rd Party Integration

Maintain and control third party integration access.

Data Auditing

Track all data changes for most modules using the audit viewer section.

Debugging Tools

Debug or troubleshoot server and system issues with application variable viewers, server variables and test harnesses.

E-Mail Management

Provides an email management section to configure the outbound email template as well as debug and track outbound email traffic.

Permissions & Security

Set permissions and access rights using security profiles. Then configure these profiles using the Permissions and Security Profiles section.

Platform Notifications

Disable access to the platform or send out important notices or alerts using the platform maintenance section.

Platform Usage

View usage across the platform by configuring and viewing the statistics section.

User Account

Set up and manage user accounts individually or en masse using tree or filter views.