A simple-to-use yet flexible and scalable form builder and template library with limitless storage capacity

Form Builder is designed to help HR harmonisation and simplify every area of HR responsibility within a school. It’s an optional add-on for HR Pro which allows for so much more than just consistent and legally compliant documents; it simplifies and speeds up staff data gathering and dissemination, and offers engaging ways to gain invaluable insights into teachers’ views and wellbeing.

Fuss-free form
Staff surveys
Easy to use
Built-in reporting

Reclaim time at every stage of staff form filling

Most schools’ needs change organically over the years, just like any other organisation. So do their documents and forms. There’s often a mix of paper and digital formats, sometimes with overlap. All of this can mean that consistency is lost, data is mismatched and there’s the real risk of non-compliance with personal data storage and privacy.

The HR Pro Form Builder module eradicates confusion, error and uncertainty and allows complete harmonisation across all HR records. It comes with prebuilt forms to cover most standard school HR documentation – and you can also digitise any form you can think of. From there, set custom approval processes, disseminate and collate responses through the self-service function, and analyse results for full insight into staffing situations.

Features overview

Fuss-free forms

Digitise any form you can think of (for example, screening and safety forms, holiday request forms, training request forms, return to work forms, appraisals), set a full approval process chain and have staff complete them through the self-service dashboard

Staff surveys

Lift engagement and gain greater insights into teachers’ performance, views, morale and wellbeing with both identified and anonymised surveys – which can be enhanced with embedded multimedia and sent within seconds

Easy to use

Highly intuitive design means the module is remarkably easy to use, enabling anyone to create a new form with just a few button clicks. A set of prebuilt forms can be used, or you can quickly modify existing forms or create from scratch.


The detail is in the data

HR Pro Form Builder has its own built-in reporting capabilities, so you can easily interrogate the data to explore trends, gain invaluable insights into statistics and staff opinion alike, and plan for the future.