The convenient, cloud-based, customisable way to eradicate errors and submit expenses on the go

Expenses is an optional add-on module for HR Pro, the self-service HR tool for schools that claws back time previously wasted on repetitive administrative tasks. No more having to wait to submit expenses, no more pile-ups of approvals to deal with all at once.

Configurable approval process
Track where money is spent
Consistent categorisation
Encourage timely submissions

Make managing expenses work the way you want it to...

Let’s be honest: not every member of staff is as organised as they could be when it comes to putting in claims for expenses. It’s all too common for that tedious, time-consuming job to be put to one side and forgotten about. Which has two negative impacts: it’s harder for finance teams and HR to keep track of spending, and it results in mini pile-ups of expenses claims arriving. Often when there are more pressing things to attend to.

And while you shouldn’t need to be a maths teacher to tot up the spending for an expenses claim, it’s easy for errors to creep in, adding needless back-and-forth just to verify amounts. HR Pro Expenses module allows you to set custom approval processes, track spending in various ways, and saves time for everyone concerned.

A completely configurable approval process

Build the approval process that’s right for each department or according to any employee’s role within the school. The expense request can be set to go to as many people for approval as needed and the entire process is managed within the self-service portal. Convenient, controlled and customised for your needs.

Readily track where money is spent

Help plan for future budget-setting by tracking where costs arise. HR Pro Expenses module features an array of filters and definitions that you can customise for your particular school’s needs and terminology. The module comes with pre-built reports for straightforward expenses analysis (for instance, by department or trip) or you can create custom reports to delve deeper into the data.

Consistent categorisation

Setting your own definitions and filters is invaluable, allowing you to enforce consistency to make analysis easy. Staff members can separate multiple expenses arising on the same trip, to make approval processes operate more smoothly. Searching for specific expenses becomes simpler and faster.

Encourage timely submissions

HR Pro Expenses module operates through the cloud-based self-service portal, easily accessible on any device connected to the web. This encourages staff to take the initiative with submitting expenses and reduces the HR burden. Receipts can be photographed and attached to submissions, reducing pointless paper usage and all but eradicating the lost-receipt phenomenon.