SMS Manager allows you to send unlimited numbers of text messages to everyone associated with the school, including pupils, parents, teachers and other important contacts.

Easy to set up, SMS Manager can be integrated with many of iSAMS’ other modules such as Pupil Manager and HR Manager, and has useful tools for interlinking texts with different systems.

All texts are tagged as delivered, failed or undelivered, so you can keep track of every text that’s sent, and logged with user, message, date, time and computer details for your complete records. You can even track when messages have been read. The module also includes an in-built status section to give you totals, and usage by module and user, and comes complete with graphs to trace use over 24 hours, two days, one or two weeks and current and previous months.

Key Features
Pupils, Parents & Teachers

A module to send text messages to pupils, parents, teachers and associated contacts. Integrated with many of our other modules such as Pupil Manager and HR Manager.

Inbuilt Reporting

Provides full costs and totals broken down by year and month -complete with status of each message: failed, undelivered or delivered.

Status Reports

Provides a status section giving totals, usage by module and usage by user. Comes complete with graphs on usage over the last 24 and 48 hours, last 7 and 14 days and current and previous months.

Delivery & Read Information

Logs every SMS complete with user, message, date and time and computer details. Even tracks whether each message has been read.