With News Manager you can create professional-looking news articles quickly and easily, and publish them throughout your school system – it’s the ideal way to keep staff, pupils, parents and others with school interests right up-to-date.

Choose either the basic wizard, that only needs a title, category, summary and description, or use the advanced wizard to add images, files and weblinks. It integrates fully with the iSAMS Digital Signage System so you can display what you’ve written on screens around the school. You can add unlimited categories to each article for maximum flexibility and linking opportunities, and there is also an authorisation option, so specific users can view articles and give their permission for publication through simple yes or no email replies.

News Manager also creates start and end dates for articles, looks after all current and upcoming ones, and archives everything that’s been displayed too – and because you can use RSS and XML feeds all articles can be sent to third party applications as and when required.

Key Features
Simple Wizards

The basic wizard just asks for title, categories, summary and description. The advanced wizard allows you to upload images and files, add web links and set publication properties.

Optional Authorisation

Turn on the optional authorisation so all news articles must be authorised by specific users before being shown. Email alerts can be sent with simple yes and no buttons.

Unlimited Categories

Create an unlimited amount of categories to tag to articles. Then use these categories throughout the system to position news articles.

Publication Timeframes

Give news articles publication start and end dates – the module then maintains active, future and archive articles.

Internal Intergration

Full integrations with the iSAMS Digital Signage System so news can be displayed on screens around the school

External Intergration

RSS and XML feeds are available for all published news articles. Then filter the feeds further by categories. These feeds can be used to push news articles into third party applications.