School manager is a simple module for holding all your school’s key grouping structures so you can manage all classes easily, as well as academic and boarding houses, year groups and pastoral tutors. 

Each grouping structure holds all the fields you need to run your school smoothly, including name, code and the staff members for entire academic years, complete with school term dates. It also stores school setup and customisation details, including identifications such as your LEA number.

Using the reporting tools you can form lists for any grouping in any field, including photo galleries, you can then view these reports on screen, print them or produce them in exportable formats like Excel and PDF.

By setting up school divisions, the system can be split into year groups, and sub-groups within those years. This means a single database for all pupils, with alternative options for the junior and senior sections.

Customisable to your own terminology for students, teachers, form, houses, years, tutors and custom groups, the module even handles smooth rollover to the next school year by updating school leavers, moving pupils to the next school year and adding new intake.

Key Features
School Rollover

This module also handles rollover – archiving off pupils, rolling pupils over to the next school year and bringing across the new intake.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Provides powerful reporting tools in wizard form to allow the creation of lists for any grouping complete with any field including photo galleries. View these reports on screen, print them or produce them in exportable formats such as excel or PDF

School Divisions

Sets up and maintains school divisions allowing the system to be split into year groups and alternative workflows to be set. This means a 3-18 school can have a single database but have alternative options for the junior and senior sections.

Terminology Setup

Sets customisation so terminology appears as the school wishes. This can be set for student, teacher, form, houses, years, tutors and custom groups.