Sage Accounts Connector brings together your key administration and accounts information, giving you greater control and flexibility in the way you manage your billing, payments and statements.

This highly versatile module lets you share essential data and tailor it to your specific needs. By connecting parent and pupil information with a range of accounting functions, you save valuable time and improve efficiency.

You can integrate billing information from the Fee Billing module, defer income, create Direct Debit files, and tag and reassign transactions. And because the module combines parent and pupil details with financial data, you can assign cash on account to specific pupils (rather than to the parent, who may have more than one pupil), produce debtors reports by parent and pupil or just by pupil, and create parent statements with a full breakdown by pupil.

Parent Integration

Integrate parent information quickly and easily, including address, contact names and phone numbers.

Pupil Integration

Integrate essential pupil details, such as name, date of birth, nationality and school year.

Billing Integration

Integrate your billing information from the Fee Billing module.

Defer Income

Automatically defer income into future periods when you post invoices from Fee Billing.

Direct Debit

Create Direct Debit files from within Sage 200 off the back of the fee run in Fee Billing – as either a single collection amount or a schedule of payments.

Transaction Management

All transactions within Sage 200 financial modules are tagged with a pupil where applicable, including both the customer transaction and the nominal breakdown.

Transaction Reassignment

If you need to correct processing mistakes, you can reassign transactions to a different pupil – even if this means moving just one element of the transaction, for example the fees part of an invoice.

Cash on Account

Assign cash on account to specific pupils, rather than just to the parent as a whole.

Debtors Report

Produce debtors reports by parent and pupil, or just by pupil.

Parent Statements

Provide parent statements with a full breakdown by pupil.