Registration Manager contains everything you need to manage and take the school register – collecting, displaying and analysing pupils’ attendance information.

Aside from the main facility to register pupils present or absent, the module can record additional information, such as lateness, the reason for absence, or attendance outside of the traditional registration times. There’s also a handy feature for entering, en masse, the absence of pupils in the event of a school closure or similar. You can customise most of the features and layout in the module to suit your preferences, and also set constraints – for example fixing the time period at which registration must be taken, or limiting the amount of historical data a teacher can see when taking registration.

You can also customise the reporting features within the module, with a variety of screen styles for choosing and displaying attendance information, and selectable reports for showing attendance patterns of individual pupils, groups of pupils or the entire school.

The module’s communication features include the facility to pass information to pupils or groups of pupils at registration time, or to identify and contact a pupil’s family based on specified attendance criteria.

Key Features
Alerts & Communication

Trigger alerts to communicate registration events to key personnel, as well as parents and pupils.

Advanced Customisation

Customise every aspect of the module to match the unique registration process of each school.

Dates, Times & Rules

Set up registers for an unlimited amount of times and any date complete with powerful registration rules.

Future Absence

Record pupils as absent for events in the future – copes with complex recurrence patterns.

Important Reports

Provides key reports as standard including fire registers, certificate reports, group, student and school analysis.

Multiple Views

Maintain and view registers by group, period, day, week and list – provides a search facility too.

Registration Codes

Custom registration codes sit on top of official government codes enabling a more detailed and school specific registration process.

Registration Notes

Pass notes between registers to quickly inform pupils and staff about events and urgent notices.