Pupil manager is an easy-to-customise module giving you everything you need to manage your pupils simply and effectively – whether they currently attend, or are former students.

By utilising the powerful search forms you can find pupils by key fields such as name, contacts, and school information with results clearly displayed in a grid containing health alerts, SEN details, family trees, and contact cards, as well as nationality flags.

A student’s record holds family trees, admissions and census information and has other handy sections for discipline records, passports and visas. You can also keep detailed individual health records such as dental, eyes and hearing, vaccinations, BMI and medical notes, and more general public health notes. Access is controlled so only authorised users can view or edit the data.

Add unlimited custom fields and allocate new sections, with quick links to a student’s record so you can jump to a child’s academic profile, and upload and tag key files to their record too. You can even batch and edit, export data, merge letters, and create badges and labels. You can store and log all communication, set security for individual sections, add pupils’ transport details, and give access to parents for the school’s Parent Portal. It even has a full audit capability for keeping a log of who views or adds to a student’s record, and when.

Key Features
Powerful Search Tools

Provides powerful search forms to find pupils by key fields – names, contacts, school information etc as well as academic lists, custom groups, activities and query builder.

Customise Search Results

Displays search results in a customisable grid that contains health alerts, SEN details, family trees, contact cards as well as nationality flags.

Important Data

Provides other sections such as discipline record, pupil contact details, passports and visas.

Health Record

Provides a full health record containing general medical details, public health notes as well as trip fields, conditions matrix, dental, eyes and hearing, vaccinations, BMI and medical notes. Control access so only authorised users can view or edit the data and sections.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Create an unlimited amount of custom fields and allocate to new sections or place within prebuilt sections.

Document Repository

A document repository is provided for all students so key documents or files can be uploaded and tagged to a student’s record.

Communication Logging

Log all communication – every letter, e-mail and SMS.

Group Operations

Conducts group operations on student records that allow users to batch and group edit, export data, letter merge, create badges and labels as well as email and SMS.

Secured Access

Set security for individual sections of a student’s record with read-only, edit, full and delete access.

Full Audit History

Provides a full audit for the whole module – logging every action so a student’s record contains a log of every change complete with user, computer and event details.