Fee Billing gives your school everything you need for complete control over all bills and invoices for tuition fees, and any other extra costs incurred by students.

This highly flexible module allows the accounts department to generate bills and add charges to specific applicants, current pupils and alumni in a number of different ways. They can be charged quickly and simply as individuals, or by batch, such as year, house, or form, using the module’s search tools, and you can also assign single or multiple charges using a drop down menu. You can set up rules for fee allocation too – useful for automatically assigning large groups, such as boarders across the school.

The comprehensive billing system lets you assign an unlimited number of payers of an individual bill, and split bill payments into categories, such as fees, disbursements or exams. You can set up a main bill-payer and sub-categories for other people with authorisation to pay, and payment can be organised by percentage, or in fixed amounts, to suit. The module also includes a visual ‘traffic lighting’ system, so you can constantly keep track of every aspect of a pupil’s bill, and you can add notes whenever you like. The charge view section can be displayed in Excel, Word and PDF, and exported and printed when required, and there is a four-stage process for checking all details are correct before generating a physical bill. You also have the benefit of being able to look at any bill through the extensive invoice history section.

Key Features
School Bills

A module for producing invoices/school bills for tuition fees and any extras or disbursements incurred by students.

Applicants, Current & Former

Ability to generate bills and assign charges to applicant, current and former pupils.

Flexible Billing

A flexible approach to assigning charges allows the bursary to add a charge to a bill in multiple ways.

Split Billing System

Comprehensive split billing system to assign multiple bill payers for an individual bill.

Billing Notes

A notes section allows for the creation of any note about the pupil or bill payer.

Recurring Charges

Recurring charges allow for a charge to automatically be assigned to future billing cycles. Recurring charges can be assigned a start and end cycle or be set as a persistent recurring charge.

Recurring Wizard

The recurring charges section shows a view of all current, future and past recurring charges. A simple routine within this section allows the user to add new pupils to an already existing recurring charge.

Nominal Structure

The accounts and charges section displays a mirror image of the schools nominal structure. This information is imported from the schools accountancy system.

Discount Management

Discount Options – Allows you to select whether discounts will be additive or cumulative when multiple discounts are applicable. If additive, you can create a priority order of discounts.

Summarise Items

Gives the option of summarising items if you want to group similar items on one line.

Multiple Student Support

Only allow one pupil to appear on an invoice if you want multiple bills to be generated for a billing contact who pays bills for more than one pupil.

Applicant Billing

Ability to limit which applicants can be viewed and assigned charges. The applicant filter option only shows a bespoke selection of pupils matching certain admission statuses.