Census and Inspection Manager lets you complete governmental censuses and industry surveys quickly, accurately and easily through simple inbuilt reports.

It covers all the areas you need for DFE and ISC censuses, current and former teaching staff, pupils’ on-register boarding status, SEN study of male and female students, and includes an ethnic category and country of residence matrix.

The module allows you to complete British parent surveys for HMF, provide information on the destination of school leavers and fill out key reports for your school’s ISI inspection. It also contains other useful reports for curriculum and staff, admissions registers, and communication and matrixes for applicants, pupils and alumni.

Key Features
Inbuilt Reports

A simple module to provide a series of inbuilt reports for use in completing governmental censuses and industry surveys.


Custom Reports

Provides other useful reports such as the admissions register, communication report and applicant, pupil and alumni matrixes.