Teaching Manager is the perfect way to control and keep track of your teachers, the subjects they teach, and the pupils and classes they run.

You can use it throughout your system to make changes to groups within your academic structure, add pupils to sets or subjects, and maintain lists of all your subjects and departments. It’s easy to move pupils from set to set too, and then let subject teachers, department heads and pupils know of any changes by automatic email. You will also find the module contains useful tools for creating set sizes and synchronising timetables.

Key Features
Set Management

The ability to make set changes and add pupils to subjects and sets en masse. Moves pupils easily from set to set.

Curriculum Development

Supports both the current academic year and development years, so schools can pre-build the curriculum for the next academic year.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify subject teachers, department heads and pupils of any set changes with automatic email alerts.

Useful Tools

Provides useful tools such as set size rules and timetable syncronisation.