External Exams manager is designed to give you complete control over all aspects of managing and administering external exams – simple, easy-to-use and highly effective from entry right through to results.

Using a wide range of customisable options this module allows you to give individual candidates all the specific exam details they need. It lets you specify relevant areas of study and keep clear, up-to-date records of all information, for both pupils and staff. You can also bring in external candidates and separate them from internal ones when you need to, and keep track of entry forms for both groups and individual pupils.

Using data entry forms you can submit forecast grades and coursework marks, reschedule and specify the location of each exam and produce seating plans with a simple step-by-step wizard. You can create results files too, previewing and publishing them without having to be in school, and view and edit exam results in whatever way you need to.

It also produces in-built reports for each stage of the exams process that can be connected to SQL Server Reporting Services, and creates various EDI files, all with added preview functions. Exams External Manager is also fully integrated with the Pupil Profiles, Parent and Pupil Portals – perfect for displaying all the key exams information pupils need.

Key Features
BaseData Importer

A simple user-friendly basedata import routine allowing the user to view the imported basedata.

Examination Programme

A customisable layer of defined options allowing the school to specify their relevant programmes of study.

Candidate Management

A simple candidate import routine which is responsible for allocating all of the necessary candidate details and extra arrangements to a pupil.

External Candidates

The function to bring in external candidates. The ability to separate external candidates from internal candidates

Coursework & Forecast Grades

Simple data entry forms for the submission of forecast grades and coursework marks.

Inbuilt Reports

A collection of in-built reports for each stage of the exams process, with additional full integration with SQL Server Reporting Services.

Examination Integration

Integration with the Pupil Profiles module, Parent and Pupil Portals where key exams information is displayed for candidates.

Seating Plans

A simple step-by-step wizard for the production of seating plans.