SEN Manager helps organise and maintain records of your school’s gifted and talented students, and keeps track of individuals’ special educational needs

This highly flexible module is customisable, so you can set up your own module names, terms, key icons, reports, fields and lists and filter them using a simple search form. Each record also contains key register fields such as screening dates, participation and public register notes.

Additional tabs and sections can hold student requirements and any extra lessons they attend, including day, times, and teachers involved and exam information.  There’s a document repository for key documents, and you can upload and tag them to any record. It also provides data in the exams sections, including extra time and arrangement notes, as well as additional options like rest breaks.

Key Features

Register Search

Provides a simple search form to filter the registers and lists.

Key SEN Data

Each record contains key register fields such as screening dates, register participation and public register notes.

Document Repository

Provides a document repository for all records so you can upload key documents or files and tag them to a record.

Data Sharing

Key information from the module is displayed throughout the system such as on search results, lists and key operations like writing school reports.

Additional Sections

Provides additional tabs and sections to hold requirements and additional lessons – complete with days, times and teachers involved, internal and external exam requirements and notes.

External & Internal Exams

Any data provided in the internal or external exams sections filters through to the respective module, and can hold extra time and arrangement notes as well as all other additional options, such as processor, rest breaks etc