Our disaster recovery service ensures that your iSAMS system is securely backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of a hardware or software failure at your school.

The service works by taking an encrypted copy of your school’s MS SQL database and application server web space and securely uploading the backup to data centres in Dublin. In the event of a hardware or infrastructure failure, we can access the backups and have your system running from a secure iSAMS-hosted infrastructure within four working hours.

This means your school can continue to function despite a major network or hardware failure. The hosted system can stay live for up to one month after it is restored to your local network. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

Key Features

Encrypted Backups

Encrypted backups are taken every time your school completes an MS SQL backup of the database (e.g. twice a day if you run a morning and evening backup).

File Changes

Encrypted copies of any file changes on the iSAMS web server are taken every fifteen minutes.

Secure Hosted Infastructure

Your backup system will be running from a secure iSAMS-hosted infrastructure within four working hours should you suffer a disaster.

Data Encrypted

Data is encrypted with a unique key known only by us and your school – without the key the data is unusable.

Throttled Upload

The data upload is throttled to your network capacity and there is no limit on backup size or data type.

Automatic Triggers

You’ll receive an automatic trigger alert if a backup has not occurred for 24 hours or more.

Backup Recovery

Every backup, and all of its data, is kept indefinitely – your school can recover any backup, at any time, an unlimited number of times.


Your iSAMS system can be hosted by us for up to one month after it is restored, giving you ample time to resolve your infrastructure or hardware failure.

Automatic Annual Renewals

Automatic annual renewals prevent accidental data loss if the service is needed.

But don't forget...

Our disaster recovery service is not a substitute for maintaining an internal backup process at your school.

Your MS SQL backups are needed for this service to work and should be monitored by your IT department. Data recovery and restoration can only be provided from the last time you ran a backup.

“iSAMS is an integral part of Sevenoaks School’s strategy for high quality student data.”

Sarah Williamson - Director of Information Systems, Sevenoaks School

“Since moving to iSAMS the day-to-day management of our school data has improved significantly, increasing efficiency across the school.”

Mark Smith – Technical Services Manager, Cheadle Hulme School

“iSAMS has been a huge success and it has revolutionised the way in which we manage information and communication between staff, pupils and parents.”

John Willetts – MIS Manager and Timetabler, Sherborne School

“iSAMS is the most intuitive, flexible and user-friendly school MIS that I have come across in my career so far. They are progressive and up-to-date with the latest technologies and recently with the release of their apps, it has positively transformed the way we manage various in-house processes and improve our parental engagement & communication.”

Benoy Ittyavirah - Director of IT, Staff Training & Development, Wycliffe College

“Sherborne Girls was an early adopter of the ISAMS product and we have been very happy with how the product range has grown. The fact that it is compatible with other systems such as SOCs, AccessIt Library, the Room Booking System, the Parents Evening System, CPOMS and TimeTabler has made integration across school departments much easier.”

Louise Orton - Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning, Sherborne Girls