Disaster Recovery Service

Essential peace of mind for any school self-hosting its iSAMS installation, rather than using our cloud hosting option. Our disaster recovery service means that if disaster strikes, we’ll aim to have you operational from a dedicated secure set-up within four working hours.

You’d be working from the latest data save too, because we back your data up automatically when you back it up.

What’s more, every backup and its data is stored indefinitely, so you can recover any backup from any time. We’d even keep you hosted for up to a month while you restore your school network.

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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway gives you the ability to compose, schedule, send and track text messages for every possible audience. You can set up authorisations, numerous sender identities, budget limits and more.

Create and save message templates, view detailed logs about each message and even predefine emergency messages to custom groups.

The tool is managed through your iSAMS administration area, and can link to any third-party mobile provider, including providers outside of the UK.

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