Webinar | 13 March 2024

iSAMS Webinar: AI in the classroom: The future of EdTech for Independent schools

The impact of AI in the classrooms of the future

The evolution of AI technologies has made headlines since the end of 2022, with the introduction of generative AI tech like ChatGPT. AI was once a technology that was reserved for the most advanced tech companies. ChatGPT put the potential of AI in our pockets.

Since then, industries around the globe have found ways to harness everything that generative AI has to offer. It’s only a matter of time, then, until the latest AI tech becomes commonplace in the classroom.

In this webinar, our expert panel will explore the state of AI in schools today and discuss what we can expect as the technology evolves within the education sector.

Hear our panel share their insights on the future of AI in schools, how generative AI tools are being utilised now and the potential benefits they can offer for both teachers and students. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field and discover how AI may be effectively integrated into your school’s curriculum.

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When: Wednesday 13th March 2024, 13:00 – 14:00 BST

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Meet our Speakers

Laura Knight, Digital Education and AI Thought Leader
Dan Fitzpatrick, Author, Trainer and Thought Leader
Grant Johnson, Director of IT / CTO, Rugby School
Nicholas Clark, Head of Product, iSAMS
Lisa Evans, Head of Marketing, iSAMS

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