Press | 11 Oct 2022

iUniversity Launch Unlimited Access to over 70 Online Courses

iSAMS today announced the launch of its iUniversity platform which offers schools unlimited access to over 70 online courses.

“We launched our iSAMS iUniversity e-learning platform just over a year ago and we’ve been thrilled to see so much interest and positive feedback from our schools. Our aim is to give all iSAMS users instant access to on-demand training courses on a range of topics, wherever they are, at a time convenient to them.” said, Ellie Richardson, iSAMS Content Design Manager

The iUniversity platform currently has over 4,000 active users, new school staff are using the free courses to quickly and efficiently learn the basics of logging in and navigating iSAMS, while the more experienced users find it invaluable to brush up on their knowledge and visit our popular courses for new features we’ve recently launched.

The iUniversity has now gone one step further to offer even more training for iSAMS users, by adding over 70 additional training courses across 13 iSAMS’ modules, with new courses being added each term.

Schools now have the option to either continue to access our free courses for teachers, or sign-up for a yearly all-inclusive subscription price.

Pricing is dependent on the number of students at a school and starts from as little as £450 per annum. Once a school has subscribed, they will benefit from an unlimited number of staff accounts, an unlimited number of course enrolments and access to the entire course catalogue.

With iUniversity, get ready to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

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iUniversity unlimited courses are now available to iSAMS schools, to sign up visit:

Feedback received so far from schools using iUniversity

“10/10 Very clear, professional & Informative.”

“It covers key aspects clearly and simply.”

 “Thorough and easy to follow.”

 “Excellent annotated illustrations and clearly narrated videos. User friendly and concise instructions.”

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