Press|27 Jun 2018

iSAMS Launch Solution to Support Wellbeing in Schools

iSAMS, the leading MIS supplier to Independent Schools in the UK, today announced the launch of a new module to support all members of a school community to provide proactive, preventative wellbeing care.

Many schools are taking to invest in resources, processes and technologies to improve outcomes and support a student’s wellbeing. Compliance with the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) guidelines and the Prevent Duty is crucial for any school in today’s world. At the core of this is the software solution to support pastoral care in schools.

The iSAMS Wellbeing Manager is a solution to capture all pastoral and safeguarding needs in a single place and has been developed to fulfil these exact requirements.

On the company’s launch of the Wellbeing Manager module, iSAMS Director, Jamie Reid said:

Following industry research, upcoming GIRFEC regulations and feedback from our own clients around the need to improve on technology to support wellbeing within schools, we developed this new module to support this key area of concern. The Wellbeing Manager is a dedicated module focused on recording, monitoring and managing student concerns and wellbeing


The Wellbeing Manager is designed specifically to cater to teachers, wellbeing and pastoral managers. The highly intuitive module offers the ability to manage and store all records to support inspections, it records concerns against single or multiple students, and actions to those concerns. Using the raised flag feature the system can identify moments which have significant impacts on a student which should be highlighted to all.

The module gives schools complete control ensuring the best for a child’s wellbeing under their care. It supports in logging safeguarding concerns and issues for their students and assists in the recording of important information which may have an impact on students’ behaviour and performance.

Each students’ record is stored for safekeeping and is displayed with the students’ basic details and timeline of concerns. A students’ timeline is an easy-to-view glance of crucial life events and concerns. This gives the school access to vital information to share with teachers, parents and caregivers.

The Wellbeing Manager module supports the forthcoming Scottish GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child) regulations, a national approach in Scotland to improving outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of children.

The recording of student concerns and wellbeing is considered sensitive data. The Wellbeing Manager is fully customisable to ensure visibility is properly managed by setting strict permissions to access, view and edit this data

The launch of the iSAMS Wellbeing Manager offers schools a comprehensive facility to enhance the effectiveness of pastoral care for the whole school community.

If you would like to learn more about the iSAMS Wellbeing Manager module, please contact us.

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