Press | 4 Mar 2021

iSAMS Launch New Student Registers Module

iSAMS has announced the launch of Student Registers, a new module offering schools an audited way of grouping cohorts of students and storing this data. The module gives schools administrators the unique ability to build unlimited custom ‘registers’.

The Student Registers module includes predefined registers that support regulatory data collection requirements. It also enables schools to create an unlimited number of custom registers containing students with a common characteristic.

Examples include sports scholarships, extended Learning Support requirements, Flexi boarding, Tier 4 visas and Covid-19 vaccinations, though the scope is limitless.

The Student Registers module gives schools the ability to manage and maintain important, sensitive data with the following features:


Student Registers allows ’read’, ‘update’ and ‘import’ activity permissions for all registers (with sections permissions to be added soon). This means users only see the information relevant to them and ensures sensitive data is more secure than ever.


Using registers enables users to search for and view data within several other iSAMS modules such as Student Manager and Student Profiles. Register columns can be added to search results for greater visibility and expandable, clickable icons across several modules make it easy to quickly retrieve additional information.


Users can now create bespoke registers specific to the needs of their school’s processes, adding custom fields where they are required. Registers and sections can be viewed in various modules within iSAMS, with ‘edit’ functionality coming soon.


Register data can be easily exported via the Report Wizard, or a selection of standard reports can be run. There is also the ability to bulk import student data into a register from an excel spreadsheet along with new and improved REST API functionality.

If you would like to learn more about the iSAMS Student Registers module, please contact us.

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