Press | 18 May 2022

iSAMS introduces student wellbeing automated system notifications for school staff

iSAMS has announced the launch of new automation functionality for its Wellbeing Manager module, enabling schools to draw on data from elsewhere in the MIS (Management Information System) to identify and act on potential student wellbeing concerns.  

Dubbed ‘workflows and indicators,’ the new feature allows schools to set up workflows to capture relevant data and automatically notify staff if the criteria are met. If a student exhibits a certain pattern of behaviour, such as frequently being late to (or absent from) lessons, a workflow can be created that triggers an ‘indicator’ (or notification) for relevant staff members, empowering them to act on the issue immediately. 

A recent study from Oxford Impact makes several recommendations for positive outcomes on wellbeing support, including ‘put[ting] clear systems and processes in place to help staff identify children and young people with possible mental health problems; providing routes to escalate issues with clear referral and accountability systems.’    

“The new functionality was developed with this recommendation in mind.” Said Alastair Price, Product Director, “School staff are often required to monitor the wellbeing of hundreds or thousands of students alongside the various demanding duties of their roles, often without a centralised, digital system in place to record, monitor and manage student concerns.  

“The Wellbeing Manager module provides a secure location to record and manage concerns, as well as escalate interventions. Using workflows and indicators, school staff can now receive daily automated reports on relevant behavioural trends, saving a considerable amount of time and bringing key data to light immediately.”  

What is the iSAMS Wellbeing Manager module? 

The iSAMS Wellbeing Manager module is an add-on to the MIS and was designed specifically to help school pastoral staff record, monitor and manage student concerns, supplying a centralised location for staff to access vital information and offer proactive, preventative pastoral care. 

With the iSAMS Wellbeing Manager, school staff can: 

  • Manage all student wellbeing records in a single place
  • Quickly find the most relevant information for pastoral care via the interactive dashboard 
  • Receive notifications whenever a new concern, an action recorded against a concern, or a life event is logged and/or updated 
  • Set the severity of a concern using the raised flag system: green (mild), yellow (monitor) and red (severe) 
  • Record concerns against single or multiple students
  • Record students’ life events 
  • Control the level of visibility of sensitive records
  • Receive automatic indicators for possible concerns, including students being regularly late or absent from classes 

Key Wellbeing Manager workflows and indicators features include: 

  • Set up custom workflows based on the data and frequency of an event that fits the school’s well-being policy 
  • Trigger an indicator each time the workflow criteria are met
  • Run the workflow automatically once a day, or else trigger the workflow manually 
  • Indicators will email relevant staff members, providing notification settings are set up correctly 
  • Promote the indicator to a concern record 
  • Dismiss the indicator and automatically put the student into detention 
  • Dismiss the indicator and manage the event outside of the Wellbeing Manager module 

If your school is interested in learning more join our upcoming webinar taking place on Wednesday 25th May at 10 am (BST), please register for free here. 

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