Founded in 1978, Dubai College provides a modern secondary education in the British style, within the Emirate of Dubai.

We’ve been identified as the number one British school overseas in the world and have grown into a community of excellence at the heart of Dubai, underpinned by four pillars of academic, creative, philanthropic and sporting endeavour.

British International School
Founded in 1978
100+ Teachers
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At Dubai College we use iSAMS to efficiently manage academic life and streamline financial processes.

Our previous management information system wasn’t the most intuitive when it came to helping us coordinate and manage academic life at our school, so we started looking at some alternative options. We were first introduced to iSAMS by the Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) in Dubai and were immediately impressed with it.

Searching for a tool to manage academic life

What particularly drew us in were the range of features iSAMS offered, particularly those focused on improving the day to day organisation and administrative tasks involved in running a school. Most members of staff recognised that iSAMS was the right choice for us moving forward, and it didn’t take too long to convince the Senior Leadership Team of its benefits

This was only enhanced when we received further recommendations to switch to iSAMS by prospective candidates interviewing for a new Systems Director role, which we were recruiting for around the same time.

Moving to iSAMS

We began the move over to iSAMS in April 2018 and admittedly were initially quite apprehensive about the migration process; it’s quite daunting thinking about the sheer volume of data you’re moving from one system to another, especially when you’ve got used to using a particular system.

“The iSAMS Installs Team put our minds at ease… We knew exactly what to expect during the migration process and didn’t have any nasty surprises. Overall it was a much smoother process than we had been expecting.” Director of Digital Technology: Simon Lee

Everything we need to manage all the academic aspects of our school

The set of modules we use gives us everything we need to manage all the academic aspects of our school. Some particularly useful aspects include the Markbook module which allows teaching staff to record raw assessment data, convert it to grades dynamically, and synchronise these grades onto our end of half term reports. They also have really good measures put in place to support with external exams, saving our staff time spent on administrative tasks so they can focus on other critical elements of their roles.

More efficient financial planning with iFinance

When we first moved to iSAMS we weren’t initially looking for an alternative financial management platform, but when we found out about iFinance we knew we had to move away from our existing out of date accounting package.

When we found out about iFinance we knew we had to give it a go. With our Bursary now able to pull data directly from other areas of iSAMS, our budgeting and financial planning has become even more efficient…

Director of Digital Technology: Simon Lee

A diverse range of tools

What’s particularly good about the software is that it includes such a diverse range of tools to help us manage every aspect of our finances, whilst also synching with data from iSAMS automatically. With our Bursary now able to pull data directly from other areas of iSAMS, without having to input the same information twice, our budgeting and financial planning has become even more efficient and more accessible for key stakeholders.

Asking for help

No technology is 100% bug-free but, whenever we have had a problem with our MIS, iSAMS have always been very quick and helpful in their responses to us. Whether we log a ticket via email or phone their Support team, they’re always friendly and eager to help us solve the issue. Especially with their Service Desk offering Sunday support, we’ve never been kept waiting too long and are always updated as and when things are sorted.

It’s a very intuitive system, the first of its kind, and it just works.

What’s especially noticeable is the amount of time it’s freed up by automating lengthy admin tasks and keeping everyone in school in the loop and connected to important updates. I recommended iSAMS to Dubai College as soon as I arrived here and will continue to recommend it in the future.