Visit iSAMS at Bett to see the leading web-based, single interface MIS designed for Schools, Academies & MATs

Reduce costs with a more efficient MIS, and benefit from a feature-rich platform designed to provide lasting solutions to: academic profiling & reporting, census returns, student wellbeing & SEN, timetabling & providing cover, improved accessibility with mobile apps, integrated finance, and a fully managed service with disaster recovery

Improve student wellbeing with a more manageable way of logging safeguarding concerns
Support frontline teaching with an App that enables teachers to do 70% of their duties on a phone
Efficiently manage your finances with an integrated MIS and online accounting system
Futureproof your IT infrastructure with a web-based system, supporting users in multiple locations

Migrating to iSAMS as your new management information system is easier and less stressful than you might think. 140+ schools migrated to iSAMS in the past year. Ask us how.

Web-based MIS platform for Schools, Academies & MATs

A powerful, versatile, online system you can build and shape to meet every need.

  • 100% web-based
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Multiple third-party integrations
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A system to grow with your school

A module-based approach allows schools, academies or MATs to build a system to grow to their exact needs. A system to help you deliver savings whilst improving student outcomes.

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Integrated MIS & Finance Cloud Solution - iFinance

This unique solution brings across your academic, wellbeing and administrative data, linking it to a single online accounting platform that improves the efficiency of your financial planning and reporting – helping to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and reduce costly mistakes. Further assists Academies with school budget reviews, financial planning and the submissions of financial returns to the DfE.

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Ensure student wellbeing

We want to help you ensure every student has a positive experience in their pathway to higher education, and our Wellbeing Manager is dedicated to doing just that. This bespoke module enhances the effectiveness of recording, monitoring and managing student concerns and wellbeing, giving you gain access to the information needed to provide proactive, preventative care

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