How it all started

As sixth-form pupils attending A-Level computing classes at Rugby School, iSAMS founders Alastair Price and Greg Pakes often saw teachers and staff frustrated by inadequate admin software. An idea formed, then developed as they both studied computer science at university. They were the ideal people for their alma mater to call upon to help replace Rugby’s outdated existing system with a purely web-based one, in 2005. No such product existed on the market, and available systems had limited capabilities and no applications for teaching staff to use. So Alastair and Greg set about designing, creating, and installing a new browser-based school administration management system. The brief was to make it intuitive, flexible and easy to use, and to give teachers the same level of access as administration and finance staff. This gave everyone involved the capability to communicate quickly and clearly with pupils, parents and guardians, helping create a complete online school community.

The system also had to run back-office school operations like admissions, academic management, examinations and pastoral care, while providing day-to-day ‘quick operations’ for teachers. In 2006, Warwick School helped design elements of the system, and by 2007 iSAMS had been formed as a commercial company and began marketing the new system to other independent schools.

Today iSAMS is constantly updated and used by some of our most prestigious schools – over 300 in the UK and abroad at the last count – quickly becoming a market leader for independent schools around the world.